Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Waiting Room to Heaven

Where old people from all over the world come to be,
smooth wide roads are lined with exquisite palm trees.
There is no crime, no hobos, no prostitutes;
the streets are always swept clean.

In between the lavish landscape are hidden gems;
extraordinary food, high end shopping and boutiques.
But beyond these establishments is something much more.
Something real unlike the plastic beauty all around.

Going through the mini boardwalk, the sea mist greets me.
Here I run in the sand without care and take it all in.
Its been to long since I've been here last.
The beach bunny inside is fading.

Where time stands still with its glittering citrines,
men and women live like kings and queens.
I yearn to dine with fancy wine and cheese.
Until then, I shall trudge through this murky sea.

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