Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Having Sushi With You

Is even more fun than going to the zoo
Or feeding pandas bamboo
Partly because in the low light restaurant
Partly because of shiny leather booths, partly because of clinking glasses
Partly because of the ripping of wooden chopsticks
Partly because of the burning sensation in my stomach
It is hard to sit still while others are being served
As methodical as sushi is being prepared
In the kitchen in the back bustling with Asian men
Between flying plates and crackling oil

And the restlessness seems to rise with expectations, just inconvenient
You sit there twiddling your thumbs impatiently

I sit
Here and I try to recall what I ordered, wondering if I should have picked the       Honeymoon Roll
Except possibly I think I ordered the Mexican by mistake
Which will be a decision I will later regret
And the fact that I have ordered the wrong roll means I will return later to satisfy my craving
Just as I have the last few days
At a more convenient time
And what good does all this fretting create
When the sushi is nearly to be brought to us
Or for that matter consumed
As our hunger devours us

It seems that the wait has been worth it in the end
Which is not to say we ever thought it wouldn’t be

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