Monday, October 22, 2012

The Man with the Blue Guitar

The Man with the Blue Guitar written by Wallace Stevens inspired by Pablo Picasso “The Old Guitarist painting” is a collection of poems. I tried to read these cantos as one consecutive poem. While reading them out loud, I felt like I was reading a Dr. Seuss book, delighted with the rhythmic value. I would rather have a book rather than a continuous flow of cantos. So then I could appreciate each poem on it’s own. A stanza that sticks out to me is the beginning of VII. The poet describes the sun, he states the sun shares our works, and then contrasts it to the moon that it shares nothing, it is a sea. He then continues to say the sun is a sea it shares nothing. When I think of sea, I think of vast liveliness, containing everything, not nothing. Each canto is just as beautiful as the next.

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